Tomorrow When The War Began Movie

Here is the trailer for the Tomorrow When The War Began Movie

The Tomorrow When The War Began movie was written by screenwriter Stuart Beattie, who is also the director of the movie; his debut as a director. This $20 million action thriller is set in the rural town of Wirrawee. It tells the story of a group of teenagers who go on a camping trip and return home to find the country has been invaded by an unknown enemy.

The movie is based on the popular Tomorrow When The War Began book by acclaimed Australian author John Marsden. The book sold over two million copies in Australia and New Zealand alone and was considered such a good book in Sweden; being named the book ‘reluctant readers would be most likely to enjoy’, that the government distributed hundreds of thousands of copies to Swedish teenagers.

This is a real adventure story showing the initiative of teenagers when pushed to their limits. It’s also a story of love, courage, leadership and ingenuity as the group tries to work together in order to not only survive their ordeal but come up with ways to overthrow the enemy forces, while looking out for each other. Here’s a review of  Tomorrow When The War Began.

Audiences are bound to love the Tomorrow When The war Began Movie as much as the book and it promises to be one of the more popular teen movies to be released this year.

Update: At the annual Inside Film awards held in Sydney on November 14th 2010, Tomorrow When The War Began movie picked up several awards. It won Best Feature Film; Caitlin Stasey won Best Actress for her role as Ellie; and the movie also won Best Script and Best Music.

Tomorrow When The War Began DVD

Now that the movie has been released for just over three months, fans of the movie are waiting in anticipation of the Tomorrow When The War Began DVD release. The good news is its set to be released in Australia on 30th December 2010. The bad news is that Australia is the only country it is being released in on that day.

The reason being is that other countries that have the distribution rights to show the movie in their country have yet to show the film in their cinemas. For example, the United Kingdom isn’t going to be showing it in cinemas over there until 15 April 2011. And it still hasn’t been picked up by a distributor in the United States.

The Tomorrow When The War Began – Limited Academic Edition DVD that is being released in Australia on 30 December also comes with some special features including a collector’s booklet; an extended interview with John Marsden, the author of the book the movie is based on; the making of the movie; the alternate movie ending; and some passage readings by John Marsden.

The region code on this Australian released DVD is Region 4 which means Tomorrow When The War Began DVD can only be played on DVD players encoded as Region 4 which includes the following countries: Australia, New Zealand, Oceania, Central and South America, Caribbean and Mexico, (unless you have a DVD player that is region free and allows you to play all regions code DVDs on it.).

The Tomorrow When The War Began DVD is available to pre-order at and international shipping is available.

Tomorrow When The War Began Soundtrack Wins ‘Feature Film Soundtrack of the Year’

The Tomorrow When The War Began soundtrack has recently won some major music awards at the Australian Screen Sound Guild (ASSG) awards.

The fourteenth ASSG awards were held on Friday 29th October in North Sydney NSW Australia and the guild represents the profession of screen sound in film and other related industries within Australia.

The Tomorrow When The War Began movie soundtrack was nominated for a number of awards, namely:

  • Best Achievement in Sound for Film Sound Recording
  • Best Achievement in Sound for Film Sound Design
  • Best Achievement in Sound for Film Sound Mixing
  • Feature Film Soundtrack of the Year

 It was up against some good competition however, managed to win the coveted:
Feature Film Soundtrack of the Year and the

Best Achievement in Sound for Film Sound Recording

That’s a real coup for the  movie and it’s a great soundtrack so deserves the win. However there’s no word on whether they are even going to release the soundtrack, which would be a shame since it’s won these awards now and there are some great songs in it, so fingers crossed. Here is a list of the Tomorrow when The War Began songs from the soundtrack.

The Tomorrow When The War Began soundtrack matches the pace of the movie well. There are some great Australian artists in the above list, so am really hoping the soundtrack is released to the public.

Tomorrow When The War Began book

Since the movie was released, the Tomorrow When The War Began book has achieved a resurgence in popularity. Apparently libraries have waiting lists of readers waiting to borrow it, and the book has been flying off book shelves at local book stores. And why wouldn’t it; it has 170 positive reviews and a five star rating on Amazon. Read more »

Tomorrow When The War Began Movie Review

I’ll start this Tomorrow When The War Began movie review by saying how much I really enjoyed the movie, which surprised me due to my pre-conceived notion that it could not be as good as the book. Well the book is obviously better but this portrayal was also very enjoyable and easy to watch. And I love the way Stuart Beattie cheekily makes Read more »

Tomorrow When The War Began – Sequels Being Made

tomorrow when the war began

tomorrow when the war began

There’s some great news that’s been released about the making of sequels for the Tomorrow movie. Fans who have enjoyed the movie adaption of Tomorrow When The War Began will be thrilled to hear that Stuart Beattie will be writing the screenplay for another two sequels to the movie. He will direct both of them.
The same cast are returning for the sequels as well as the same producers. Tomorrow When The War Began has exceeded expectations at the Australian box office where in its first week of release it grabbed first place at the box office just breaking the $5 million mark.

Adapting a popular novel to the big screen always has its risks. It’s hard to get every detail of a story to fit into 90 minutes of screen time. There are always parts that have to be left out and there’s no pleasing everyone as to which parts get omitted and which get changed around. Read more »

Ellie Linton played by Caitlin Stasey

Tomorrow When The War Began Ellie

The Tomorrow When The War Began movie stars 20-year-old Aussie actress, Caitlin Stasey playing the lead female role of Ellie Linton. Stasey who starred in the popular Australian television soapie Neighbours, was thrilled to have been given the part, saying that she had a lot of respect for Ellie’s character and felt privileged to be playing such an inspirational young female role.
Stuart Beattie who wrote the screen play as well as directed the movie said  “Caitlin captured the perfect balance of intelligence, vulnerability and strength that is essential to this character.” Read more »

Fi Maxwell played by Phoebe Tonkin

Tomorrow When The War Began Fi

Fi, Tomorrow When The War Began “princess“,  is played by 21 year old Australian actress Phoebe Tonkin. Phoebe is best known for her role as the mermaid Cleo in the Australian teen television series H2O: Just Add Water, for which she was nominated for an AFI award for “Best Lead Actress in a Television Drama.”

She has also appeared in the Aussie TV series “Packed to the Rafters”, does modelling, and was involved in theatre productions and dance when she was younger. She has just recently appeared in the popular teenage soapie “Home and Away”.

When casting her for the role of Fi Maxwell in the Tomorrow When The War Began movie, director Stuart Beattie said “Phoebe is an extraordinarily talented young actress with an ethereal presence and effortless grace, much like her character, Fiona”. Read more »

Homer Yanos played by Deniz Akdeniz

Tomorrow When The War Began Homer

The larrikin of the Tomorrow movie is Homer Yannos who is played by 21 year old Australian actor Deniz Akdeniz. He is best friends with Ellie – they grew up together in neighbouring properties and both have a deep admiration and respect for each other, though they are both very competitive and try to outdo each other in just about everything whenever they get a chance.

For all his joking around, when the group has to come to terms with the country being invaded, Homer steps up to the task in a big way and shows a maturity and strength beyond his years that helps to organise the group into a cohesive guerrilla force to be reckoned with. Read more »

Corrie McKenzie played by Rachel Hurd-Wood

Tomorrow When The War Began Corrie

The role of Corrie McKenzie in the Tomorrow Movie is played by 20 year old British actress Rachel Hurd-Wood. Corrie is Ellie’s good friend and Kevin’s girlfriend. Rachel is no stranger to working on movies in Australia; she worked on the Gold Coast when filming the movie Peter Pan where she played the part of Wendy. She has also appeared in various other movies including Dorian Gray and Perfume.

After watching Rachel’s screen test, Stuart Beattie knew she would be perfect to play the role of Corrie. Rachel deferred her university study of Linguistics to be able to play the part and spent 3 months in Australia working on the movie. She loved the books when she read them and thought the film script was amazing. Read more »

Robyn Mathers played by Ashleigh Cummings

Tomorrow When The War Began Robyn

The noble character of Robyn Mathers in the “Tomorrow” books is based on the author, John Marsden’s real life sister. He also dedicated the first book in the series to her, writing; “To my dear sister Robin Farran: so much admired”. Marsden also says that the Robyn portrayed in the movie is more nerdy than the Robyn in the book.

The character of the quiet, responsible and ‘churchy’ Robyn Mathers is played by 17 year old Ashleigh Cummings. Though she’s the youngest of the main cast of teens, Ashleigh is no stranger to acting. Read more »

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