Ellie Linton played by Caitlin Stasey

Tomorrow When The War Began Ellie

The Tomorrow When The War Began movie stars 20-year-old Aussie actress, Caitlin Stasey playing the lead female role of Ellie Linton. Stasey who starred in the popular Australian television soapie Neighbours, was thrilled to have been given the part, saying that she had a lot of respect for Ellie’s character and felt privileged to be playing such an inspirational young female role.
Stuart Beattie who wrote the screen play as well as directed the movie said  “Caitlin captured the perfect balance of intelligence, vulnerability and strength that is essential to this character.”

Ellie Linton Tomorrow When The War Began

Caitlin says of her character Ellie; ”what’s so fantastic about Ellie is that at no point in time does she relinquish this strength that she has. And I think a lot of the time when you see these action stories, the protagonist is always a male and what’s so great is that this whole time, you’re following her and you’re understanding her through her eyes, and not once does she let you down. Obviously she’s human and she’s vulnerable and she’s scared but she’s like your best friend; that you put all of your faith into and you’ll just know they’ll look after you. She’s nurturing and she’s wonderful; I have a lot of respect for her. Big shoes to fill absolutely.”

Here’s a video of Caitlin Stasey telling of her experience playing Ellie Linton.

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  1. chrissy on November 10th, 2010

    hello i love the books and the movie they were awesome! cnat wait for more!

  2. Chloe young on September 8th, 2011

    i love the book tomorrow when the war began. and i also love the movie. i had to write a report and i chose to do this book. i just love the charter Ellie and Kevin, expectally kevin becaourse he is cute. i cant wait to read the other books

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