Tomorrow When The War Began Movie

Here is the trailer for the Tomorrow When The War Began Movie

The Tomorrow When The War Began movie was written by screenwriter Stuart Beattie, who is also the director of the movie; his debut as a director. This $20 million action thriller is set in the rural town of Wirrawee. It tells the story of a group of teenagers who go on a camping trip and return home to find the country has been invaded by an unknown enemy.

The movie is based on the popular Tomorrow When The War Began book by acclaimed Australian author John Marsden. The book sold over two million copies in Australia and New Zealand alone and was considered such a good book in Sweden; being named the book ‘reluctant readers would be most likely to enjoy’, that the government distributed hundreds of thousands of copies to Swedish teenagers.

This is a real adventure story showing the initiative of teenagers when pushed to their limits. It’s also a story of love, courage, leadership and ingenuity as the group tries to work together in order to not only survive their ordeal but come up with ways to overthrow the enemy forces, while looking out for each other. Here’s a review of  Tomorrow When The War Began.

Audiences are bound to love the Tomorrow When The war Began Movie as much as the book and it promises to be one of the more popular teen movies to be released this year.

Update: At the annual Inside Film awards held in Sydney on November 14th 2010, Tomorrow When The War Began movie picked up several awards. It won Best Feature Film; Caitlin Stasey won Best Actress for her role as Ellie; and the movie also won Best Script and Best Music.

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