Tomorrow When The War Began – Sequels Being Made

tomorrow when the war began

tomorrow when the war began

There’s some great news that’s been released about the making of sequels for the Tomorrow movie. Fans who have enjoyed the movie adaption of Tomorrow When The War Began will be thrilled to hear that Stuart Beattie will be writing the screenplay for another two sequels to the movie. He will direct both of them.
The same cast are returning for the sequels as well as the same producers. Tomorrow When The War Began has exceeded expectations at the Australian box office where in its first week of release it grabbed first place at the box office just breaking the $5 million mark.

Adapting a popular novel to the big screen always has its risks. It’s hard to get every detail of a story to fit into 90 minutes of screen time. There are always parts that have to be left out and there’s no pleasing everyone as to which parts get omitted and which get changed around.

The reactions to the movie have been mixed; some die-hard fans of the book don’t like the way the story has been changed for the film adaption and have complained that the movie wasn’t long enough to really develop the characters personalities fully, as is done in the book.

Most fans of the book however have really enjoyed this movie, including the changes that were made from the original story. They feel Beattie has done a decent job of sticking to the storyline pretty accurately. You’ll have to see the movie yourself to form your own opinion on the matter.

If box office figures are anything to go by, the Tomorrow When The War Began movie has been a huge success and this is why Stuart Beattie has been given the go-ahead to create two more sequels to this popular action and adventure movie.

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  1. Ken Longworth on May 17th, 2011

    Love the books and enjoyed the movie hope it won’t blong before the next movie is out

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